RELEVATE is a Nutritional Supplement that Restores Vital Nutrients for Healthy Brain Aging.

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  • Comprehensive anti-aging nutrition for your brain
  • Critical nutrients from Mediterranean-type diets, shown to reduce risk of brain decline and dementia
  • Confidence from a brand backed by world-renowned neurologists, researchers, clinicians and dieticians
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Many Brains are “Starving” for Key Nutrients

There is a growing body of scientific research showing that nutrition plays a role in the prevention, onset and severity of age-related brain decline, as well as neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other dementias. We applied advanced data analytics to evaluate thousands of world-class dietary studies and determined that people who consume a Mediterranean-type diet enjoy a lifetime of the best brain health. We then identified critical nutrient gaps between these brain-healthy diets and the standard American diet.

  • We get it: Maintaining an optimal diet can be challenging. Modern life is hectic and nobody's perfect.
  • Relevate is designed to address these gaps and help you maintain your mental edge today and for years to come.
  • Relevate includes a propietary blend of 17 nutrients that our research identified as most important to lifelong brain health. See all the nutrient details here.

People who follow these Mediterranean-type diets have the potential to dramatically prolong mental performance and reduce their risk of brain disease:

years younger
lower risk of Alzheimer's*
lower risk of Parkinson's*

NeuroReserve’s approach to long-term brain health reflects this diet-brain connection, as well as evidence from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) and its evaluation of dietary patterns and neurocognitive outcomes.

The proof is in the science

Some leading brain supplements are based on a single short-term study with limited participants. RELEVATE’s design is based on thousands of scientific studies, focused on long-term benefit. We are guided by some of the world’s leading neurologists, clinicians, researchers and dieticians who bring their expertise to our Scientific Advisory Board.

Join our world-renowned advisors in focusing on critical nutrient gaps to improve brain health

You need the right experts to guide you through the science to help you protect your brain power.

  • Feel confident about preserving your mental edge
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are getting nutritional insurance, even if you can’t eat perfectly all the time
  • Benefit from the world’s foremost experts on preserving your brain power
  • Enjoy the satisfaction that you are taking care of the most important part of you
  • Imagine how empowered you will feel knowing you are doing something now to avoid being a burden on the ones you love later

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Numerous large-scale and population-based studies provide us with strong evidence that links poor dietary habits with greater rates of brain decline and dementia. The good news: our diet is a powerful weapon to delay or even stave-off dementia and cognitive decline.

~ Marwan Sabbagh, MD, FAAN
NeuroReserve Medical and Scientific Advisor


We know that dietary patterns like the Mediterranean and brain-specific MIND diets show the best data to protect and nourish our brains, and we encourage everyone to eat this way.

~ Annie Fenn, MD
NeuroReserve Medical and Dietetic Advisor


You can’t choose your genes, but you can choose to engage in brain-healthy actions to get the most of what you’ve got. But we're realistic—it’s not always easy. Nutritional products and supplements can play a positive role for those of us who aren’t perfect.

~ Zoltan Mari, MD, FAAN
NeuroReserve Medical and Scientific Advisor

A personal commitment to your family

"My family experienced the heartbreak and devastation of neurodegenerative disease and dementia, and countless other families share the same story, whether it be Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body or other dementias. What's inspiring is the love, care, and determination that emerges from it. That's the heart of NeuroReserve, and it drives our commitment to providing the most advanced neuroprotective nutrition possible."

— Dr. Edward Park, Founder of NeuroReserve

You Deserve a Brain-Span as Long as Your Lifespan

Don’t leave your mind to chance. Take action - RELEVATE can help.

  • Nutritional insurance: peace-of-mind that you’re filling important gaps
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Get our FREE guide “6 Steps to Building Lasting Brain Power” with simple tips, activities and recipes

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