How to Choose a Brain Health Supplement that’s Right for You

There are several types of brain supplements on the market, and plenty of questionable products as well, so we’ve compiled some information to help you choose wisely. Maybe you are concerned about brain fog or lack of focus. Maybe you are worried about your memory. Or maybe you just want to support your brain for long-term health. We’ve got you covered.

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Types of Brain Supplements

Perplexing variety of supplements to choose from

Types of Brain Supplements

Brain Boosters, also known as Nootropics: These typically contain caffeine and/or other stimulants. Users may feel a surge of energy and focus followed by a “crash” when the stimulant wears off. Generally there is no nutritional or long-term benefit.

Memory Pills or Memory Supplements: Often based on a single ingredient or two, these products promise to improve memory but the evidence is often thin at best.

Common Multi-Vitamins: These have a variety of nutrients, and some may support the brain in general ways. However, these products are not specifically designed to support brain function and lack some fundamental nutrients for that purpose.

Brain or Cognitive Support Supplements: Products in this category are formulated from vitamins and micro-nutrients generally found in food. These types of products will typically provide some nourishment for the brain and body, depending on the specific formulation. These products can act like a “memory pill” and more, providing short term improvement in things like memory and brain fog, but also supporting brain function and long-term cognitive health. So how do you choose the best supplement for brain health?

At NeuroReserve, our goal was to create the best brain health supplement based on data from over 2000 studies.

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What to Look for in a Brain Health Supplement According to the Experts:

  • Data: Science-backed formulation based on numerous studies
  • Real Nutrients: vitamins for brain health along with micro-nutrients derived from Mediterranean and MIND diet foods known to be neuroprotective
  • Breadth of Ingredients: that nurture multiple elements of brain structure and support brain functions, not a “one and done” formulation
  • Trusted: Backed by respected medical and nutritional professionals
  • Responsibly Formulated: Nothing artificial; free of major allergens; non-GMO
  • Third Party Certified: production and quality are reviewed and certified by an outside organization
  • Value for the price: high quality, well-rounded formulation for a fair price

Other Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Brain Supplement for You:

  • What do actual users say about the product?: Do they notice improvements in their cognitive functions like improved focus and memory and less brain fog? Do they notice other improvements in things like sleep and mood? These can all be markers of overall brain health. Some products feature a paid spokesperson, not actual users
  • Overall health benefits: A product that is truly formulated for brain health will also support other important functions like cardio, vision and metabolism today and for years to come
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Customer Brain Supplement Reviews: RELEVATE

I love this supplement! My daughter recommended this to me and I have been taking RELEVATE for over a year now. My memory has improved since taking RELEVATE and I like that it’s also focused on long-term brain health/prevention. I’m a retired nurse and usually pretty skeptical of supplements, but the research they based the product on is really strong.

– Marilyn, RELEVATE user

I was taking a lot of different supplements, but RELEVATE had all the things I needed and wanted, plus some I didn’t even know about. It’s a comprehensive package. My head feels clearer, I can think clearer, and I can see better. Everything appeals to me about this product.

– Stephanie, RELEVATE user

The nutritional profile of RELEVATE is by far the most comprehensive I’ve found and the ingredients go way beyond other brain supplements. Since starting on RELEVATE I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my cognitive functioning, especially with memory.

– Alex, RELEVATE user

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RELEVATE is the Brain Health Supplement you can Trust
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  • 17 key nutrients linked to cognitive function
  • World class team of medical and nutritional professionals
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