For Healthcare Professionals

NeuroReserve understands that you’re continuously seeking solutions to promote a brain-healthy diet and lifestyle for your patients and clients. At the same time, you need these solutions to work in the context of your practice and business. Because of this, NeuroReserve provides flexibility in the ways you can carry our product, RELEVATE.

Qualified healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and wellness professionals can offer our product in the following ways:

  • For professionals who prefer to carry small or zero inventory, our web portal enables you to place orders for your patients, and NeuroReserve will then drop ship the orders directly to these patients. Also, your patients can order directly from the NeuroReserve website upon your recommendation, and the order will similarly be shipped directly to your patients. In either case, attribution of the order will go to you through unique code(s).
  • For professionals who prefer to carry medium or larger inventory, wholesale orders can be placed directly with us and shipped to your location. Some clinics and pharmacies with higher volumes may prefer this option, and larger orders are eligible for greater discounts.

We strive to make it easy for you to offer sensible, realistic, and evidence-driven nutrition to support lifelong brain health for your patients and clients.

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