We are of, by, and for people who care deeply about protecting brain health as we age

These are people whose life experiences make them appreciate how important brain health is. Many are personally touched by age-related brain decline and neurodegenerative disease, like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other dementias – in their family, close friends, and other loved ones.

They want to build and enjoy deep and lifelong relationships. They love, they care for, and they persevere. They treasure every moment in life.

If this is you, then NeuroReserve is privileged to serve you.

NeuroReserve is a nutritional products company committed to helping people achieve lifelong brain health. Why nutrition? Because nutrition is considered one of the most important lifestyle factors that could affect the outcome of your long-term brain health.

We want your brainspan to match your lifespan.

We want to help through nutrition.

Your Team

Neurologists, clinicians, nutritional researchers, epidemiologists, neuropsychologists, dietary experts, and pharmaceutical and nutritional R&D veterans, who have been touched by our own personal and professional experiences in brain health.

We are committed to your brain nutrition. Please get to know us.

We are a new model in brain nutrition

We believe that truly compelling products will emerge by addressing the multifactorial nature of brain nutrition. This requires a comprehensive and well-organized database of research, data analytics capability, and expert guidance from a panel of leading researchers – a unique and rare combination in the brain category.

We strive for the simple and the elegant, removing the confusion so common in brain nutrition today – and providing a sense of confidence that we’re delivering products based on the best evidence available.

We are guided by core principles

  • We value customer intimacy – we seek to understand your concerns, we will empathize with them, we are honored to be entrusted with a part of your health
  • We will exhaustively evaluate the medical and scientific evidence to design our products
  • We will be transparent and unbiased
  • We will resist the lure of health fads – seeking the things that are timeless and true
  • We will advocate for a proper diet and that supplements should not be used as a replacement
  • We will advocate for lifestyle interventions beyond nutrition
  • We will support patient advocacy groups and philanthropies that help the people and families affected by age-related brain disease
  • We are committed to advancing prevention science, through research and collaboration with the medical and scientific community