Nutrition and Brain Function

Your brain is a miraculous organ that powers your mind and body day and night. It needs a variety of nutrients to fuel its many activities. With RELEVATE you get a science-backed formulation that nourishes these functions and helps preserve them for today and years to come.

RELEVATE is formulated to power the structure and function of your brain



Maintain a healthy architecture of neuron cell walls (membranes), which is vital not only for neurons’ mechanical integrity, but also for robust cell-to-cell communication for survival and growth.


Neuroimmune Regulation

Avoid or reduce excessive activation of the brain’s immune response, release of pro-inflammatory molecules, and generation of free radicals; and help to resolve these harmful cycles caused by over-activation.



Promote healthy communication among and within cells in the brain, and maintain balance among signaling pathways (chemical reactions that govern cell function and fate) that can ultimately decide the ongoing survival or death of neurons.


Neuronal Growth

Promote adult neurogenesis, the creation and growth of new neurons, which is critical for neural plasticity, brain homeostasis, repair and remodeling of the brain, and ultimately cognitive ability.


Ion Flux Balance

Maintain the proper inflow and outflow of ions (like calcium and sodium) to and from neurons; dampen over-activation of ion channels, called excitotoxicity, that can lead to ion overload, damage, and eventual death of neurons.



Protect brain cells from free radicals, which are by-products from energy production that are damaging when they accumulate; this is especially important for the brain, the most energy intensive organ in the body.


Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity

Preserve the stability of this selective membrane that separates your brain from circulating blood; this keeps systemic pathogens and toxins out and only allows the passage of brain-relevant molecules.


Cellular Energetics

Restore molecules that provide energy to hundreds of important reactions that take place in the brain; this is important to produce neurotransmitters to maintain concentration and attention.


Toxins/Toxic Processing

Support the brain's natural detoxification of unwanted metabolic byproducts (or toxins); restore cycles that help break down toxic molecules like homocysteine and propionic acid into useful products.


DNA and Protein Synthesis

Ensure the proper breakdown of molecules that provide the building blocks for DNA and proteins; replenish nutrients responsible for synthesizing these vital biological molecules.


Cerebrovascular Health

Sustain necessary blood flow to supply oxygen and critical nutrients to brain tissue; helps the survival of neurons which maintains long-term cognitive function.


Neuropathology Reduction

Counter chronic buildup of toxic protein ‘plaques’ and ‘tangles’ that may lead to oxidative distress and inflammatory damage; supply protective nutrients that reduce the chances of these pathologies from silently accumulating over time.

How Nutrients in RELEVATE Help Power Brain Function

Neuronal Cell Walls
Neuro-immune Regulation
Neurogenesis / Neuron Growth
Ion Flux Regulation
Detoxification (toxic removal)
Plaques / Tangles Reduction
Cellular Energy
DNA Synthesis
Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity
Omega-3 DHA/EPA Phospholipid Complex
Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)
Alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) and Gamma-tocopherol
Lutein and Zeaxanthin
Nicotinamide (vitamin B3)
Hydroxy-cobalamin (vitamin B12)
Magnesium (Bisglycinate Chelate)
Flavonol Composition
Anthocyanin Composition

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