We Are Privileged to Have a World-Class Medical and Scientific Team

We are a team of professionals that understands how overwhelming it can be to think about brain aging and the decline associated with it. Many of us are personally touched by family or friends that have experienced brain decline or neurological diseases. We have seen how things like memory loss and brain fog can reduce someone’s quality of life. And we have witnessed the devastating impact of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other dementias not only on those affected, but also on their caregivers. We developed RELEVATE to give you:

  • Comprehensive anti-aging nutrition to protect your brain health
  • Nutrients from dietary patterns shown to reduce the risk of brain decline and diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and related dementias
  • Confidence that you are protecting your cognitive performance with a brain supplement backed by the latest scientific research
  • Peace of mind when your diet falls short.

Here For You: Our Brain Health Experts

We are neurologists, clinicians, nutritional researchers, epidemiologists, neuropsychologists, dietary experts, and pharmaceutical and nutritional R&D veterans. We are single-mindedly committed to lifetime brain health based on rigorous science. We share a deep compassion for every family touched by brain disease.

Please get to know us.

Founder Dr. Edward Park Shares His Family’s Story of Neurological Disease

Our Core Principles Guide Us

  • We value customer intimacy – we seek to understand your concerns, we will empathize with them, we are honored to be entrusted with a part of your health
  • We will exhaustively evaluate the medical and scientific evidence to design our products
  • We will be transparent and unbiased
  • We will resist the lure of health fads – seeking the things that are timeless and true
  • We will advocate for a proper diet and that supplements should not be used as a replacement
  • We will advocate for lifestyle interventions beyond nutrition
  • We will support patient advocacy groups and philanthropies that help the people and families affected by age-related brain disease
  • We are committed to advancing prevention science, through research and collaboration with the medical and scientific community


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