An Interview with Dr. Marwan Sabbagh: Strong Heart, Sharp Mind

In this interview, Dr. Marwan Sabbagh sits down with NeuroReserve's Marketing Director, Maureen Marsic, to talk about his recently published book, Strong Heart, Sharp Mind: 6 Step Program that Reverses Heart Disease and Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s. He shares the connection between heart health and brain health as well as practical lifestyle tips we all can implement, including the 6 steps he recommends:

  • Functional Fitness for Heart-Brain Health
  • Explore the New Borders of the Mediterranean Diet
  • Restful Sleep for Body and Brain
  • A Sound Approach to Stress Management
  • "Cog-Stim" to Jump Start Your Brain
  • Write Yourself a Social Prescription

Dr. Sabbagh is a world-renowned neurologist and best-selling author, and we are also very honored to have him on our medical advisor team at NeuroReserve.

Find Dr. Sabbagh's book at Amazon and other book retailers.  

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