Exercise Your Way to Better Brain Health with Travis Macy

In today's fast-paced world, prioritizing our physical and cognitive well-being is more important than ever. When it comes to brain health, regular exercise has been identified as a key factor in maintaining cognitive function and reducing the risk of dementia.  Studies consistently show that those who exercise regularly perform better on memory tests and have a lower risk of age-related cognitive decline. Exercise achieves this by reducing inflammation, improving blood flow to the brain, lowering stress hormones, and increasing brain volume.1 The Physical Activity Guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week, along with muscle-strengthening activities.2 Unfortunately, only 23% of U.S. adults meet these guidelines.2

The theme of the NeuroReserve Summer Special Bundle Offer highlights the important role of exercise in addition to nutrition, for protecting cognitive health. Learn more about it here.   

In collaboration with Travis Macy and his unwavering dedication, we present this special bundle to inspire others to take charge of their brain health through exercise.  

From Ultra Endurance Athlete to Alzheimer's Battle: Travis Macy and His Father’s Journey 

Travis Macy

Travis Macy, a remarkable individual and a true inspiration, has dedicated his life to pushing boundaries and conquering challenges. As a finisher of over 120 ultra endurance events, from long-distance cycling races to mountain climbing expeditions, across 17 countries, he has proven himself as a world-renowned professional endurance athlete, a coach, author, and speaker. However, Travis's commitment to an active lifestyle extends beyond personal achievements. He has a deep personal connection to Alzheimer's disease, having witnessed his father's ongoing battle with the condition. This experience has fueled Travis's determination to reduce his own risk of Alzheimer's and assist with keeping his father's brain health as strong as possible, through staying active and embracing a healthy lifestyle. 

A mile at a time

In this bundle, we are honored to include a personally autographed copy of "A Mile at a Time: A Father and Son's Inspiring Alzheimer's Journey of Love, Adventure, and Hope" by Travis and his father, Mark "Mace" Macy. This powerful memoir covers their journey through the World's Toughest Race—a seven-day, grueling 400-mile marathon of trekking, climbing, biking, and paddling through the jungle—for one final race together. It not only serves as a source of inspiration and motivation to stay active, but also provides cognitive training to build your cognitive reserve. Travis and Mark's story reminds us that no matter the challenges we face, we have the capacity to push through and achieve greatness. Join Travis and his father and gain valuable insights into how staying active consistently, both physically and mentally, can aid you on a path to better brain health.  

To learn more about Travis Macy, click here.  

2023 Summer Special Offer 

Summer Special Bundle

Elevate your brain health through a blend of staying active and nourishing your brain with our Summer Special Offer. We partnered with Travis Macy, world renowned ultra endurance athlete and RELEVATE user, to bring you this thoughtfully curated bundle designed to support brain health by empowering you with inspiration and essential tools for your journey to a more resilient brain. This offer includes: 

  • Three (3) jars of RELEVATE, our core product - advanced nutrition for lasting brain health, based on the evidence-backed MIND-MeDi diet (each jar is a 30-day supply). 
  • A personally autographed copy of the book “A MILE AT A TIME. A father and son's inspiring Alzheimer's journey of love, adventure, and hope.” By Travis and Mark “Mace” Macy, an inspiring memoir about a father and son entering World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji despite one of them battling Alzheimer's and pushing through it all with core principles that can propel you towards better brain health. (Limited quantities of autographed copies.) 
  • A set of two NeuroReserve durable exercise bands in a portable drawstring bag. With two difficulty resistance levels, and accompanying instructions on the bands, these bands offer versatile workout options, from expert to beginner, that can be tailored to your fitness level and goals. 
  • A high-quality RTIC stainless steel water bottle, adorned with the NeuroReserve logo. This sleek and durable insulated water bottle will serve as a constant reminder to prioritize hydration throughout your active lifestyle, whether you're hiking or going on a casual walk.  

Over a $320 value, yours for just $189 for a limited time. Shop by visiting here. 


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