Coffee Date Smoothie

Created by Annie Fenn, M.D 

Energize your mornings with a brain-boosting Blue Zones-inspired coffee smoothie!   This bracing smoothie combines a love of coffee with a brain-healthy protein-rich drink.   Dates not only add natural sweetness but also contribute to a good dose of fiber.   Chia seeds and nut butters, are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids known for their role in maintaining brain cell structure, supporting memory, focus, and cognitive well-being.  What's more, recent studies suggest that coffee might even help slow the plaque beta amyloid buildups associated with Alzheimer's, making this smoothie a powerful tool for cognitive wellness.1  And with the option to incorporate additional protein-rich mix-ins, you have a range of choices to further support your brain health.   We chose Purity Alzheimer’s Coffee Blend for this recipe because it is carefully crafted to maximize the levels of pyrocatechol, a potent anti-inflammatory agent associated with the suppression of neurodegenerative diseases.  Although the Alzheimer's blend is currently sold out on Purity's website, it's still available in our Blue Zones Brain Power Bundle, limited for September.   Learn more about this special offer by visiting here.   

Coffee is a precious and often expensive resource, and it's a shame to let any leftovers go to waste.  Instead, try this eco-friendly tip: pour any remaining coffee into ice cube trays and freeze it for future use, where it can stay fresh for up to 3 months.   This way, you'll always have a handy supply for crafting Coffee Date Smoothies or enhancing your iced coffee.  

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