Savory Roasted Nuts

What are high in fat, always better when roasted, and have insurmountable brain health benefits? Nuts! That’s what! My young palate did not truly appreciate all of the wondrous flavors, versatility, and health benefits packed within these crunchy little morsels of flavor, but as I have grown and evolved, so have my taste buds and desire for good food.

Nuts are literally powerhouses for the brain. They are packed with vitamin E, magnesium, antioxidants and other nutrients that our brains need to thrive. Beyond that, nuts make a great snack for those busy days when you are on the go.

This savory spiced nuts recipe is simple and so, so good. If you want to omit the butter and replace it entirely with olive oil, that is totally okay, but don’t forget that the MIND diet allows for a little butter. Only a little.

Either way, they are subtly savory and delicious.

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