Wild Mushroom “Risotto”

High blood sugar, sedentary lifestyles, and excess body fat are three underlying causes of insulin resistance, a characteristic typically associated with type 2 diabetes but that is now also associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Over the past ten years, research has discovered that metabolic changes, caused by lifestyle and aging, impair “insulin signaling” and play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s. So what do you eat to promote your metabolic health and prevent insulin resistance?

The key is to focus eating a diet high in produce and plant foods that includes whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and this “risotto” is a delicious way to do that. Risotto is typically made by slowly adding hot broth to short-grain rice, but this variation uses riced cauliflower instead. The result is a creamy, risotto-like texture that’s significantly lower in carbs and higher in fiber to minimize glycemic impact. Mushrooms add a source of vitamin D, a nutrient that’s key for brain health, while thyme and Parmesan impart rich flavor into the dish.

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