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RELEVATE: Based on Rigorous Scientific Data

What do the "oldest" people with the healthiest brains eat?

This simple and powerful question is the guiding principle of RELEVATE. People who follow brain healthy diets, like Mediterranean and MIND, maintain their cognitive ability and reduce their risk of age-related brain disease. We analyzed over 2000 nutritional studies and identified the underlying nutrients of these diets.

People who follow these Mediterranean-type diets have the potential to dramatically prolong mental performance and reduce their risk of brain disease:

"I'm a strong advocate for preventative measures with things like NeuroReserve…. being able to keep your precious memories and relationships intact is priceless!"

Elena, verified user

years younger
lower risk of Alzheimer's*
lower risk of Parkinson's*

NeuroReserve’s approach to long-term brain health reflects this proven diet-brain connection, as well as evidence from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) and its evaluation of dietary patterns and neurocognitive outcomes.


You Get the Most Important Nutrients in RELEVATE

Our analysis of thousands of dietary studies led to identification of the nutrients most critical to brain health. We advocate for a healthy diet and lifestyle, not just supplementation, based on the latest scientific research. When your diet falls short, RELEVATE can help fill the gaps.

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