NeuroReserve Affiliate Benefits

12% Base Commission | 2x Sign up Bonus | Recurring Commissions
  • Earn a base commission of 12%.
  • Fast Start rewards! Earn double commissions (24%) on sales within the first 60 days of joining.
  • Be rewarded for cultivating recurring customers. The vast majority of our customers are on subscription and very loyal. Unlike other programs that only offer commission on the first order, your commissions will continue for future orders.
  • Affiliates receive a deep discount code for their personal orders.
  • Offer your audience 15% off all of their orders (including future orders) through your unique discount code.
  • Leverage compelling content on the latest in brain healthy diets, lifestyle, and research for you to share with your audience. Accessible through our dedicated partner portal and weekly newsletter.
  • Receive access to occasional special offers to share with your audience.
  • Enjoy an enhanced reputation as an authority in one of the hottest areas of health and wellness today.

Next Steps:

Once you apply, we'll review your application and respond via email.  Upon approval, you'll receive a custom affiliate link, discount code and access to our partner content portal so you can start earning!

Why Partner With NeuroReserve?

When you partner with NeuroReserve, you are partnering with a team of renowned scientists, neurologists, dietitians, and clinicians from leading institutions like Cleveland Clinic, Barrow Neurological Institute, Rush University Medical Center, and Tufts School of Nutrition.

  • Promote our product, RELEVATE®, based on strong evidence, backed by hundreds of scientific studies on the dietary patterns that support the healthiest brains.
  • Recommend RELEVATE with confidence, knowing it is rigorously formulated, intelligently sourced, and patent pending.
  • You’re not just getting a great stream of income, you’re helping people protect their brain power now and for years to come.

ABOUT US: NeuroReserve, a Premium Nutritional Brand for Brain Health

NeuroReserve is a preventive health and nutrition company focused on healthy brain aging.  We provide advanced nutritional supplements, expert-designed by nationally-recognized neurology and nutrition researchers and built on sound scientific evidence – so people can confidently take action for lasting brain health.  Our approach is unique, starting from the whole diet level, and working down to individual nutrients through proprietary algorithms.  The result is compelling brain nutrition products that resonate with people seeking to care for their brains.  Join us in our mission to help people achieve a brainspan that matches their lifespan – so they can remember, think, create, live, and love to the fullest.

Our first and flagship product is RELEVATE, the only nutritional supplement based specifically on neuroprotective dietary patterns, like the Mediterranean and MIND diets, backed by large-scale human prospective and clinical studies to help strengthen cognitive performance and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  New products will follow in 2023.

For more information on RELEVATE, download the Healthcare Professionals Brochure (HCP) below.


Ask us about getting a complimentary bottle of RELEVATE.

Earn from One of the Fastest Growing Nutrition Categories, Brain Health

Sales of brain health and memory supplements grew in double-digit percentages for the past 5 years and are projected to outpace the growth of the overall US nutritional supplement market (by almost 2X) over the next 5 years.  This is driven by the aging population, compounded by poor diet and lifestyle choices.  All 71 million Baby Boomers will be 65 or older by 2030, Millennials are in their 40’s, and half will witness cognitive decline or brain disease in friends and loved ones.  Research shows that nutrition can improve brain performance and protect it for the future. 

Earn generous commissions and bonuses on RELEVATE, the nutritional supplement based on hundreds of studies showing the link between Mediterranean dietary patterns and high performing brains. 


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