Dr. Tom Holland and Dr. Edward Park Discussion | Vitamin D, Flavonols, & MIND Diet

NeuroReserve founder Edward Park, Ph.D, and Tom Holland, M.D, Rush University Medical Center researcher and medical advisor to NeuroReserve, talk about why flavonols and vitamin D are important for brain health, plus the latest In MIND diet studies.

Please watch and discover:

▪️ The connection of vitamin D to brain health - from a recent study looking directly into the brain
▪️ A breakdown of flavonols, what they are, and how they benefit cognitive aging
▪️ What neuropathology is and how the MIND and Mediterranean diets may reduce it

Plus, they discuss how Alzheimer’s and related dementias are multi-factorial and how the ongoing POINTER clinical trial is attacking these different facets.

Adopting the MIND diet can be a fun and very impactful way to protect your brain health, but sometimes we miss the mark on eating all these brain food nutrients consistently. Filling in the gaps with a nutritional supplement can help to ensure your brain has all that it needs to function properly for the long-term. RELEVATE has 17 crucial nutrients from the MIND diet, like vitamin D and flavonols, which are neuroprotective, bioavailable, and included in forms/dosages targeted for brain health. Learn more and shop RELEVATE here. 

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