Your One-Day MIND Diet Meal Plan for Brain Health & Weight Loss

The MIND diet is a fusion of two renowned dietary approaches: the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). It's no surprise that this combination yields remarkable benefits, including support for weight reduction, cardiovascular health improvement, enhanced eye health, and much more. You may also be familiar with the MIND diet and its impressive claim of slashing the risk of cognitive decline by 50%.1  Making the right dietary choices can help in maintaining your health at any stage of life, and the MIND diet has consistently proven to be a wonderful option. 

But how can we practically incorporate these dietary principles into our lives to harness all these incredible benefits? 

Transforming your diet doesn't have to be an overnight endeavor.  Setting a reasonable timeframe, such as 1-3 months, allows for gradual adaptation into your lifestyle. Identify the areas in your diet that may need more attention and set realistic expectations for yourself to initiate positive changes.  By taking small steps forward, you can lay the foundation for a sustainable approach to improve your diet and support long-term brain health.  And, if you’re looking for more precise guidance, explore our MIND Diet package to kickstart your 6-week MIND Diet transformation.  

Align with the MIND Diet with Sustainable Habits 

Here are a few sustainable ways to start implementing the MIND diet today:   

  • Try to “eat the rainbow” each day.  The brighter the colors, the more these foods hold powerful nutrients filled with anti-inflammatory compounds.  
  • Plan ahead.  Start your day with a plan to make food choices simpler and less overwhelming.  
  • Don’t be afraid of portions. You don’t need to weigh out all your foods.  You can simply use your hand as a reference, with 1 fist of whole grain, 2 firsts of dark leafy greens, other vegetables, and berries, and 1 palm of poultry or fish as a guideline per meal. 
  • Cook with healthy oils.  Choose cooking oils like extra virgin olive oil, which provides beneficial fats and has antioxidant properties. 
  • Snack on berries.  Snack on fresh or frozen berries like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, which are rich in flavonoids and support brain health. 
  • Limit dairy.  Most dairy is high in fats.  Choose low-fat options if you want to enjoy dairy, like yogurt with healthy probiotics for your gut.  

Ready to give your diet a makeover and experience improved brain health and beyond?  Dive into the sample one-day menu below to kickstart your journey.  This MIND diet-inspired plan provides a sneak peek into nourishing eating habits.  Feel free to choose a few snacks or even a whole meal to try out.  As an added bonus, experimenting with new recipes can help build your cognitive reserve, further strengthening your brain.  

Your One-Day MIND Diet Meal Plan: For Brain Health & Weight Loss 

Breakfast:  Mixed berries, spinach, and avocado smoothie, with chia seeds. 

The berries add a great source of anthocyanins and flavonols like myricetin.  Meanwhile chia seeds and avocado provide the mineral magnesium, which may help with mood regulation and sleep.  

Snack: Sliced cucumber and carrot with a side of hummus. 

This easy snack has a variety of brain nutrients, with carrots containing beta carotene which can combat oxidative stress and benefit eye health.  Meanwhile cucumbers contain quercetin which supports the blood-brain-barrier.  

Lunch: Turkey parm burger topped with tomato, arugula, and pickles. 

Turkey is a great source of vitamin B3, which helps with communications between brain cells.  Meanwhile arugula provides a nice amount of kaempferol, a flavonoid that is anti-inflammatory.  

Snack: A handful of nuts roasted with paprika. 

A variety of nuts are packed with vitamin E, magnesium, antioxidants and other nutrients that our brains need to thrive.  

Dinner: Lentil quinoa salad with smoked salmon and an olive oil vinaigrette dressing. 

Smoked salmon is an easy protein choice packed with omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which protect against brain cell damage.  Olive oil is full of polyphenols, strong antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress.  

Achieving better health is within reach, and transforming your diet can be accomplished in just 1-3 months.  Start by making small adjustments and gradually incorporate more changes as you find your groove.  Each step you take brings you closer to improved cognitive wellness and overall well-being. 

When you sense a gap in your nutritional approach, consider integrating RELEVATE into your routine.  Scientifically formulated with the principles of the Mediterranean and MIND diets, RELEVATE delivers 17 nutrients for fostering lasting brain health.  Discover how RELEVATE can be a helping hand in supporting cognitive well-being by visiting here. 


Are you in need of personalized coaching and comprehensive tools to facilitate your journey?  Are you someone who prefers structured meal planning for the week ahead? Explore our limited MIND Diet bundle, features the new “The Official MIND Diet” book, authored by the creators of the MIND diet themselves, providing a plethora of resources to guide you through a 6-week journey on the MIND diet in a systematic and effective manner.  Paired with 3 bottles of RELEVATE, a meal planning pad, more meal inspiration, and a colorful magnet printed with the MIND Diet foods to keep your progress front and center.    


  1. Morris, Martha Clare et al. “MIND diet slows cognitive decline with aging.” Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association vol. 11,9 (2015): 1015-22. doi:10.1016/j.jalz.2015.04.011 
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