Protect your mind, your memories, and your future

REVERLATE is state-of-the-art nutrition for your brain. It delivers key nutrients with the potential to help:

Promote healthy brain structure and function
Preserve your memory and long-term cognitive function
Protect against diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinson's, and dementia

RELEVATE is a Nutritional Supplement that Restores Vital Nutrients for Healthy Brain Aging.

Shape your fate with RELEVATE

Designed by NeuroReserve, RELEVATE is a brain nutrition supplement inspired by the long-term neuroprotective power of diet. A daily regimen of 2 capsules and 1 softgel provides 17 nutrients carefully selected for brain benefits, including detoxification, anti-inflammation, improved blood flow, and new neuron growth.

Connecting the dots between diet and brain health

Family history is not destiny. Our genetics are pliable, and a growing body of evidence suggests that diet plays a critical role in our brain's long-term outcome.

Scientific research links brain protective dietary patterns such as the Mediterranean diet and MIND diet with improved memory and cognitive function. People who follow these diets have the potential to dramatically reduce their risk of brain disease:

lower risk of Alzheimer's
lower risk of Parkinson's
years younger (comparative cognitive function)

NeuroReserve’s approach to long-term brain health reflects this proven diet-brain connection, as well as evidence from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) and its evaluation of dietary patterns and neurocognitive outcomes.

Many brains are "starving for key nutrients"

We get it: Maintaining an optimal diet can be challenging. Modern life is hectic and nobody’s perfect.

The unfortunate result? The average American adult fails to consume adequate amounts of brain-critical nutrients. This leads to chronic deficiencies that can threaten the long-term function and structure of the brain.

RELEVATE closes critical nutritional gaps

It isn’t too late to make proactive changes. RELEVATE can help raise the intake of 17 nutrients from neuroprotective dietary patterns to levels comparable to people with the healthiest brains.

No “magic ingredients.” Nothing artificial. Just pure, powerful nutrition.

Nutrition backed by rigorous science

Some leading brain supplements are based on a single short-term study with limited participants.

At NeuroReserve, our team gathered more than 2,000 scientific studies into a comprehensive database of brain nutrition research. These studies spanned 100,000 total participants and more than 500 cumulative study years.

We then used advanced data analytics to determine the neuroprotective nutrients and optimal dosages for RELEVATE.

STUDIES medical and scientific
PARTICIPANTS across studies

Designed by leading experts in brain health

NeuroReserve's team of researchers and clinicians represents some of the top minds in neuroscience and nutrition. We share a commitment to rigorous scienceand a deep compassion for every family touched by brain disease.Learn more about NeuroReserve

A personal commitment to your family

"My family experienced the heartbreak and devastation of neurodegenerative disease. So many other families share the same tragic story. What's inspiring is the love, care, and determination that emerges from it. That's the heart of NeuroReserve, and it fuels our commitment to providing the most effective neuroprotective supplements possible."
—Dr. Edward Park, Founder of NeuroReserve

Start your journey towards a healthier brain

1–3 Months: The Nutrient Boost

RELEVATE begins working immediately to deliver brain-critical nutrients. Depending on deficiency levels, some people report a noticeable mental “boost.” Other benefits can include:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Greater focus and concentration
  • Greater attention and alertness
  • Less mental fatigue
  • Improved mood
  • More energy
  • More restful sleep
6–12 months: Restoring Brain Balance

Key nutrients are efficiently transferred to the brain, laying the groundwork for long-term protection. Potential improvements to brain cell structure and function include:

  • New neuron growth
  • Detoxification
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Stronger neuron cell walls
  • Increased cerebral blood flow
  • Increased cellular energy

This lays the foundation for long-term protection against brain aging.

1+ Years: Long-term Protection

Continued commitment to brain-healthy nutrition, which RELEVATE supports, has been linked to multiple lifelong benefits, including:

  • Reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease
  • Reduced risk of Parkinson's disease
  • Reduced risk of cognitive impairment
  • Protection of cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, and learning

Protect your future with RELEVATE

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